How to get here?

Fly to Padang. Common flight routes are through Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta. If you want to avoid a long stay in Padang it is recommended to fly in the day before and catch the ferry (Mentawai fast) the next morning.

The ferries between Padang and Siberut go on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. (updated 1/2023).

We recommend to stay in Yani Homestay (very affordable budget option) or Deivan Hotel (nicer facilities for a reasonable price. Private bathrooms, hot running water etc.) Both are centrally located and close to the harbour where the Mentawai Fast leaves from.

the Mentawai Fast to Siberut island. The ferries leave 7.00 am on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. Price is around Rp.360.000 per pax. Boardbags will cost a little extra depending on the weight. We will be waiting in Siberut to pick you up with our boat. Trip from Siberut to our camp lasts around 2 hours. Once you arrive you can have lunch and go for an afternoon surf.

Pricing for 2023

What is included?

-Pick up from Siberut on arrival, Drop-off in Siberut on departure.

-Free Wifi

-Three meals each day of your stay. We cook well-rounded food with fresh local ingredients. (typically fish, chicken, rice, potatoes, vegetables and tasty sauces.) We get a lot of thanks from our food and it is often mentioned in our reviews.

-Accommodation in one of our bungalows. We have fan cooled rooms and bungalows to 2-4 people. Beds have mosquito nets. Electricity runs from 7pm to 7am.

-Coconuts (We don’t ever run out :)), drinking water, black coffee and tea

-Two boat trips each day. We can take you to spots like Nokandui, Rifles, Pistols, Hideaways, Bankvaults, Aframes, 4bob, Karambat, Burgerworld, Good times, etc. You can easily walk to Ebay, Pitstop, Beng2 and Nipussi from Ebay Guest House.

Rp1.300.000 (79€) per night, per person

Other costs to consider:

Regional Law No.08, Nov 25 Year 2015, states that foreign surfing visitors must pay a surfing tourism tax equivalent to Rp.1.000.000idr per maximum 15 day stay (extendable).

We have a little shop in our camp. You can buy small snacks, Bintang, ciggies, white koffie, and even surfboards. It’s also not uncommon for the Mentawai people to come around to show guests their art carved from wood.

What to bring with you to the island?

Cash (You can pay for your trip in Padang, but there are no ATMs between Padang and our island. It’s good to have cash in case you want to buy Bintang, snacks, cigarettes, suvineirs etc.)


Mosquito repellent

We recommend to bring at least one extra board, fins, leash and wax. There are no big surf shops on the island so these can be hard to find. (We have a selection of second hand boards for sale at our camp.)

Basic emergency medical supplies for cleaning cuts etc.